candle care.

Your lxcollection Candle is a beautiful hand poured natural soy wax Candle.

If burnt and cared for correctly, your Tumbler Candle will last you up to 80+ hours. 

The first burn of your Candle is the most important. When lighting your Candle for the first time, make sure to burn the Candle until the wax melts evenly to all edges of the glass. This may take up to 1+ hours.

Doing this will create an even slow burn and will prevent tunnelling, which can cause the wax to pool in tunnels and can extinguish your flame.

We recommend trimming your wick before each use. The wick only needs to be approximately 6mm in length. This will ensure a slow burn and avoid black soot forming on the glass. If soot does form on the glass it can be wiped away with a damp cloth.

Do not burn your Candle for longer than four hours at a time. This will prevent the glass from overheating.

Discontinue burning your Candle when there is 1cm or less of wax remaining. We do not advise to continue burning your Candle below this point, as over heating of your glass could occur.

We recommend storing your Candle out of direct sunlight to avoid discoloration of the natural wax. Always store your Candle below 30 degrees celsius temperature to avoid sweating and frosting of the natural wax.

Frosting of the natural wax is completely normal and will not affect the burning of your Candle.



Our tumblers are designed to be reused to hold your favourite drinks for many years to come.

Once you have finished burning your Candle, rinse out the glass with hot water to remove any wax residue. Our tumblers are dishwasher safe.

Pour yourself a drink and enjoy! Cheers!